There is a look to leather, a feel, a smell, that links mankind back to our earliest ancestors. Leather has been critical to our survival as a species. As hunters, we cultivated it from our food. It kept us warm in the cold nights. Thick hides kept us safe from predators, and sometimes, from each other.

To man, leather ā€” a precious gift of Mother Nature ā€” is as critical a resource as stone or wood. We may not have left from the caves without it.

As we grew and learned, leather became refined. It became a necessity to our continued existence. It became tools. It became armor. It became utility. It finally became art.
There is no modern substance that can mimic the properties of leather. And nothing feels like well finished hide. Strong and tough, pliant and supple. We relish leather here. We respect its history. We appreciate it as the gift it is.