Hand Tooling
Detail. Patience.
Original Designs
Collaborating with clients to bring ideas to reality, original designs are constructed by hand.
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How it started…

In the beginning, I never really appreciated leather as an art form. I saw it as shoes, boots, utilitarian objects. It was purely utilitarian. However, I am a giant nerd. Specifically, a giant Star Wars nerd. So when I decided to apply for the 501st, I started working on a TIE Pilot costume. One of the basic costume components was a 2″-wide, black leather belt. Multiple tutorials said to buy a belt blank, and dye it yourself. I began the process and realized just how easy some of the basics were. At that point, leather-work took hold of me and didn’t let go.

I began to plan more projects. Belts, boot gaiters, and belt pouches flowed out onto sketch pads. I the meantime, I began learning the skills of carving and tooling. Carved by hand, tooled with excruciating patience, lovingly dyed, and hand buffed, a bracer became a gift for my wife. My project books are overflowing, my brain is bursting with ideas. I want to carve and stitch and tool my way through any little idea of which I dream.

I look forward to sharing.